imageIt is written that faith comes by hearing…hearing through the word of Christ. My own life testifies to this eternal truth; countless seasons of discontentment and or discouragement met their brutal demise and bloody death by God facilitating the hearing of His word proclaimed or from the counsel of another exhorting the name of Jesus Christ. Christian, you and I both were first called out by Christ and then heard something magnificent: the gospel.

The sufficiency of Christ as Lord and savior  as well as He being the central & the sole focus of the message of hope for our fallen souls, was in fact the sweetest sound you have ever heard.

In the hearing of the gospel message by Gods grace and the agency of the Holy Spirit you took immediate action…you realized your pitiful condition and recognized your need for righteousness.

Beloved we responded to the message with great urgency and were changed forever (see Jonah chapter 3). So much is at stake and we knew what we must do: heed the counsel we heard and take action. We confessed our sins, repented, and trusted in Jesus for healing and the redemption of our soul.

We were compelled to believe what we heard and the result was a new desire to obey HE who calls willingly; this is the epitome of divine grace at work in you for His glory and your eternal benefit.

We were convinced that we needed saving and that Christ is the only way to do it. What about now beloved? Are you still convinced you needed saving? Is Jesus still precious to you? Does hearing the gospel provoke hope ?

Time passes by and we may grow dull in many of our spiritual disciplines, perhaps all of them to our shame. If this the case then reexamine who you are listening to or perhaps what you are listening to.

Where do you receive counsel from? What wellspring are you drinking from? Well, remember this simple yet profound truth: faith  comes by hearing. So you must read the bible out loud. You must hear biblical preaching . You must sing praises to God and you must be constantly receiving counsel from Godlier people than you .

No matter the season and no matter the sin issue remember this basic truth, that faith comes by hearing. Can you hear me now?