The John Gee Interview on GLP

imageJohn Gee is a Christian Hip-Hop artist from South Mississippi. Born and raised in the Deep South, John is a product of his country roots. Hard work, determination, and a strong faith in God steer his everyday life. A wife, two daughters, a full-time job, and other responsibilities keep him busy virtually every moment. Although John fits the build of a normal southern man from the Bible belt, there is definitely one exception, and that is his love for Hip-Hop music.
John first got his chance to record music as a senior in high school for a school project. This simple opportunity to record written lyrics inspired John to make more music. When John went off to a college he met a guy that had a studio in his dorm room. Needless to say, he spent a lot of time writing, recording, and honing in on his craft in his college days. After dropping out of college to start a family John continued to make music. The new path and new found responsibilities couldn’t shake him of his dream. He has recorded and released over 80 songs, on 6 different albums, and been featured on countless projects over the past 12 years.
It is obvious that John has put in a lot of work into his music over the years, but music is not his main priority. He lives to serve! John has served in various roles with Upward basketball at his church and in his community over the past half-decade. He serves his church by working in the audio and video department during services, and he is also a Sunday school teacher for the youth group. He loves his church, and he is driven by the calling to serve God in every capacity.
The call to serve God is an honor that John does not take lightly. Because of that, John felt like he needed to be doing what everyone else was doing in order to please God. He put music to the side in order to focus on serving. Two years ago, John was fighting some strong convictions from God. He spoke with his wife, he spoke with his pastor, and most importantly he prayed. John prayed for 8 months seeking clarity from God in his convictions. He was convinced, he was convicted, and he wanted to follow God faithfully. John stepped out on a limb for his faith for the first time in his life, and he decided to try out for the X-Factor. He made it to the second round, but then was sent home with nothing but questions. What was God trying to show him? Where was God trying to lead him? Later that day he journal his thoughts and from that entry came the greatest sense of clarity he has ever had. God blesses us all with many talents, and he wants us to use those to talents to serve him!
John lives to serve God in everything in that he does. He hopes that his music will relate to some people, and he hopes through that they will be convicted by the Holy Spirit. John uses his personal testimony and biblical truth to share the love of God with the world around him. Where will this road take him? He does not know, but he is willing and ready to serve God wherever and whenever he calls.
John Gee is currently working on his second album. His debut album, “Fulfillment” is available online for free, and it is also available on all major retail outlets. Continue to pray that God will use John in his mission efforts.
The Good Light Project: John Gee! What is going on my brother? God bless you and welcome to the Good Light Project. I am humbled to have you and it is a complete joy for me to be able to chat it up with you. We love the music, your ministry mindset, and the mission you are currently on for the Lord. Let’s talk music brother… your single ‘Get Behind me’ has gotten a lot attention…it was featured on I love this record man, what is the story behind the record?

John gee: The concept behind the song is that we shouldn’t let people, things, or Satan stand in between our relationship with God. Whether it be friends, differing doctrines, or attempts from the devil- we shouldn’t let any of that completely dictate the terms of our growing relationship with the Lord.

GLP: You’ve been doing music for a while now…since college. Do you feel like a veteran or a freshmen when it comes to Christian Hip Hop? Your sound is very crisp and mature. You sound pretty polished to me.

John Gee: I’ve actually been making music since high school. I’m a veteran on several fronts in regards to making music, but I feel like I’m growing leaps and bounds still after 14 years. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my direction, and my future plans from my current release.

GLP: John, you serve the local church, you are a dedicated father, and faithful husband…does music compliment all that you have going on? Is it difficult to use music as a ministry? How do you ensure the Gospel is presented clearly?

John Gee: I think music helps me to express myself as God created me, so I feel like it is a compliment in different aspects of my life. My wife loves playing her part in the ministry, and I feel like my efforts have inspired my children to push towards their goals and a growing relationship with God.
​It can be difficult to use Christian Hip Hop as a ministry where I’m from. It’s such a new concept to most in the area that they are having to slowly grow with the idea. Honestly, it is helping to grow our minds culturally in a place where we are typically culturally stubborn.
​As far as presenting the Gospel, I’m not reinventing the wheel, so it’s really a matter of me sharing my testimony within biblical and spiritual truth. Then, I just let the Holy Spirit do His work.

GLP: How has God grown you spiritually since embarking on CHH…any hard lessons learned? Where has His grace shown up?

John Gee: I have finally come out my shell. I have always been reserved, and I tend to keep to myself. The ministry has allowed me the opportunity to meet a lot of great new people, so I have been able to see the importance in growing relationships. Not only with God, but with God’s people as well.
​I’ve learned that not everybody is going to agree with the mission. They aren’t going to agree with every hard decision. Simply put, just because you are serving the Lord doesn’t meet every door is going to greet you with support. There are still hurdles and obstacles that I and others will have to overcome.
​God has always been on time. Financially, emotionally, logistically. There is grace and comfort in His timing.

GLP: Future plans John? New album coming? What can we expect musically?

John Gee: I’m spending the majority of my time right now focusing on booking performances and speaking opportunities. I’m writing messages. I’m recording devotionals and spoken word pieces.
​I don’t know when I plan to release my next project or even when I plan to start working on another project. I would say we are a little over a year out right now from a new album/EP.
​Musically, you can expect every ounce of me. One reason why I feel like I’m so far out from another project is because I now know where I need to push to next. I feel like I’m discovering my potential musically, so my next project is going to be the absolute best I could ever dream of putting together. This is challenging, and will require more of me financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

GLP: John any words of counsel for those young men aspiring to music for the Lord? What are the pitfalls or dangers they should watch out for?

John Gee: Never give up- I know it’s cliché’ but it is the truth. I am a living testimony of that. Stay focused and stay driven.
​Along with that you need stay conscience of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remind yourself daily of your goal and how you plan to use it to glorify God. Otherwise, it can become a major pitfall. Slowly but surely the world can pull you away from what your objective was when you started. Stay in constant connection with God.

GLP: John, thank you for your heart and your desire to see lives changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and using music as just one of the medians to present Him to the World. We look forward to hearing the latest and greatest from you in the near future my brother.

John Gee: I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. May God bless your heart and your efforts as you strive to serve Him daily!