Mourn and Weep: a messy Life with a Great King.

Energy spent looking internally for answers to the hardest spiritual conundrums we face are futile. We are constantly confronted with the reality of sin; our sin or the sins of others can instantly set us back spiritually and emotionally. It is imperative the church has the right perspective on relationships, finances, politics, church, and God. Our responses to all of it will vary throughout our walk. As you seek to honor God more perhaps you are more than likely be met with resistance. Victories with sin in one area of our life serve as an encouragement but then it feels as if ten more sins pop up and this can be discouraging. It can feel as if you are a hamster: always running but never getting anywhere.

The spiritual clarity we desperately need for all of the components in our life to make sense cannot be found in anything except the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God in the flesh and the source of truth because He is truth. Everything begins with God and ends with God. If we buckle under the ‘pressure’ we are really rejecting God’s sovereign will for our life. So many of us labor to fix and mend circumstances and situations that are actually God given. It is absolutely appropriate to rise to occasion if the Lord exposes sin in our life. We ought to repent, confess, and pray through it all.

What I am referencing is submitting yourself to the trial, circumstance, and the reality of what is happening. It is tough. I know it is tough and if you are like me we can easily revert back to a Godless perspective. The tendency will be to fall back into a sinful pattern and destroy or erode what is good. Perhaps the feelings that follow are of despair and maybe even guilt and shame. All of this can cripple a person spiritually. Broken relationships can paralyze you and destroy a family as well. Depression can leave someone unable to respond to the truth of scripture. It is really our sin that muddies everything we touch to include our motives; I sit back and watch and from what I see we easily begin to doubt the goodness of God.

We are prideful, arrogant, judgmental, hateful, critical and unable to reason rationally outside of the work of the Holy Spirit. We tend to act self-righteous or like spoiled children and then we pervert scripture. It becomes a mess. A big mess. We are so sinful and being ungrateful is easy for us. The cherry on the pie? Leaning on our own understanding instead of God’s wisdom. The ‘house’ you built begins to rock back and forth and you realize much of it is sitting on sand.

Listen to me: the battle is truly in the mind thereby informing the heart and that will determine your actions; God’s Spirit changes the mind and the heart and then they work together to bring God’s grace to fruition in what you do. If you spend time looking to fix what the bible says only God can do, you lose precious time in your walk. Need help? Come to Christ. Come to Christ if you are burden with the troubles of this life. Come to Christ if you are depressed, angry, frustrated, and fed up.

The world will not get easier and the people around who are not of God are not going to get any less sinful. Your closest and family friends who are of the Lord stumble and fall as well. As the world around you challenges you and maybe even condemns you, remember that ultimately they hate Christ in you. Life is too short to act as if it is about our happiness or comforts. We are here to make much of Jesus, period. Die on that hill if nothing else. Saints, we do ourselves a great disservice if we forget what we deserve: God’s Holy judgment. Everything outside of hell is truly amazing Grace. That is truth. Begin to reconcile and redeem your ideas, thoughts, and actions and submit them all to the word of God. Mourn and weep beloved. Life gets messy but we have a faithful King and a sufficient Savior.

God Bless you,


Editor and Chief of Good Light Project


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