So what had happened is…

Back in 2012 I decided to create a website for christian apologetics and a place for believers to work through social and spiritual issues through the lens of scripture. Overall, the concept was simple and truthfully not very original.

Looking back now, ultimately I tailored the content toward young Christians who shared the same Reformed theological views but who were still challenged by their day to day walk to live out these truths. I had a ton of zeal and a lack of experience.

I wanted something that I could dedicate to the Lord and the gospel with the intent of facilitating Gospel centered content that was easy to understand. Sounded like a great idea so I moved forward with little expectation other than God possibly using it somehow someway.

At the time, as a recent convert, I wanted a way to share my faith with a certain demographic of believers, and exalt Christ as much as humanly possible through the use of my life to include my use of social media.

God orchestrated everything where all the hours and weeks I labored into creating a site never manifested itself into a published finish work. The site was extensive and had tons of features. With great disappointment I actually quit before launching it.

Since then he has allowed for much spiritual growth, a few years of ministry and a lot of clarity in my walk. Since 2012, God has lovingly challenged me, convicted me of sin, and like a great father always do, faithfully disciplined me when necessary.

He sovereignly put an array of Godly men around me, and has continued to grow my wife and I for His Glory and our personal sanctification. I am better prepared to at least attempt to fulfill a desire to serve Him in in this type of forum. I have removed 99% of the original design and content. All that is left is ‘the post’.

No videos, no music, no book reviews, and little to no photos. So here is the bottom line up front: this is the Good Light Project. This is a minimalist blog for people who don’t care about blogs. A divinely orchestrated collective of writers, pastors, layman, artists, musicians, and men of God in general who have inspired me, admonished me, and continue to challenge to achieve excellence for Christ.

We will take turns adding our understanding of scripture on varied topics in order to provoke thought. This is the Gospel. This is sound doctrine. This is truth. This is life. This is the Good Light Project.

We expect all of our content to be delivered in 500 words or less, give or take a letter. If Jesus was able to pinpoint the truth in a parable then we believe we can mimic the model and keep it short and powerful. I’m late…but God is on time.

In him,

-Daniel Barea


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